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At the Law Offices of Brandon Sample, we pride ourselves on providing zealous advocacy to all of our clients who are facing serious criminal charges. We have served numerous clients charged with a variety federal offenses through all aspects of the criminal justice process. Our dedicated legal team is ready to work aggressively on your behalf. Our top practice areas for federal crimes are below. Click on the links to learn more about each of these serious federal charges and find out your first steps in mounting an effective criminal defense strategy to these federal crimes.

Federal Crimes | Federal Offenses
Federal Crimes | Federal Offenses

Clemency and Compassionate Release Petitions


The federal criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Brandon Sample also represent both state and federal inmates seeking clemency and compassionate release.


Clemency encompasses both pardons and sentence commutations. A pardon is where the individual convicted of a crime is effectively granted forgiveness for the crime and the consequences of the conviction are removed. This does not erase the crime itself, but it removes any remaining civil penalties like restrictions on voting, gun possession, holding elected office and others. Sentence commutations, on the other hand, are reductions in sentence which do not necessarily restore civic rights. For federal offenses, only the President can grant a pardon or sentence commutation. For state offenses, a mix of state governors and boards of pardon and parole can grant pardons and sentence commutations.


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Compassionate release is when a prison system releases an inmate early due to a specific reason. Such petitions are often granted in the case of terminal illness or a debilitating medical condition, though compassionate release petitions are increasingly being granted due to an inmate being elderly. Each prison system has a different approach to these petitions.


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If you are interested in seeking a state or federal pardon or sentence commutation, or a compassionate release, contact the federal criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Brandon Sample.


Federal Arson Crimes


Arson is commonly understood as the intentional and malicious burning of another person’s dwelling. The penalties for being convicted of arson at the federal level include fines and prison time. They also depend on whether any other people were injured in the commission of the crime and whether any first responders or law enforcement officers were harmed in responding to or investigating the arson federal offenses.



Federal Bank Robbery Crimes


Federal bank robbery occurs when a person enters into a banking institution with the intent to use force or intimidation to take the bank’s property or assets. It becomes a federal offense when the act crosses state lines or involves a federal banking institution, which by definition includes most federally insured banks. The penalties for a conviction for federal bank robbery increase depending on whether anyone was harmed in the commission of the crime and the value of the property or money stolen from the bank.



Federal CCE & RICO Crimes


The Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statute (CCE) and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) address criminal organizations. While the CCE statutes targets drug trafficking crimes specifically, RICO incorporates a variety of criminal activities. RICO charges have been increasingly brought against more organizations than simply gang or mafia organizations. The sentencing guidelines for these federal charges tend to be unforgiving.



Federal Child Pornography Crimes


It is a federal offense to produce, distribute, receive or possess any images involving child pornography across state lines. While an offender may also be prosecuted under state laws prohibiting child pornography, federal criminal prosecution is implicated when any of the activities affect interstate commerce. The penalties for being convicted of federal child pornography crimes are often much more serious than at the state level and include life-altering consequences.



Federal Cyber Crimes


Federal cyber crimes essentially include any criminal activity involving computers or the internet that affects interstate commerce. The FBI is responsible for investigating reports of cyber crimes. Federal prosecutors have taken a strong stance against cyber federal offenses recently because there has been an uptick in the number of crimes affecting government agencies and business organizations.



Federal Drug Conspiracy Crimes


A federal drug conspiracy crime involves at least two individuals who enter into an agreement to violate the law involving illegal drugs. While there are viable defenses to federal drug conspiracy charges, this is a serious crime that is complicated to defend against. Due to how broad in scope this federal charge is, prosecutors often use it as a catch-all in federal drug cases.



Federal Drug Crimes


Federal drug crimes draw major public scrutiny, which is why federal prosecutors take these cases on so aggressively. If the government believes that a drug crime involves wider distribution, especially across state lines, the crime is likely to be prosecuted as a federal offense. This means someone who is convicted of a federal drug crime is likely to face harsher penalties than for the same offense at a state level.



Federal Embezzlement & Employee Theft Crimes


Embezzlement and employee theft are similar crimes, but embezzlement typically occurs when an employee with a financial responsibility to a company uses his position to knowingly take money or property from the company. Employee theft can occur at a range of levels. If the criminal activity involves a contractor of the federal government, this can make an embezzlement or employee theft crime rise to the federal level and be charged as a federal offense.



Federal Firearm Crimes


The major categories of federal gun crimes include violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g), which prohibits a convicted felon from owning or possessing a firearm, and 18 U.S.C. 924(c), which addresses possessing, brandishing, or discharging a firearm in connection to a violent crime or drug trafficking offense. The government is all too eager to prosecute these crimes because there is a lot of public outcry over gun issues right now. This makes it all the more important to pursue a strong legal defense to any federal firearm charges against you or a loved one. What makes this even worse is that the sentencing guidelines for these federal charges are severe.



Federal Fraud Conspiracy Crimes


A federal fraud conspiracy refers to an agreement between at least two people to commit fraud. This is a broad category of criminal activity and does not actually require that the fraud be committed in order for an offense to occur. The potential penalties for being convicted of a federal fraud conspiracy offense are similar to those had you actually committed the fraudulent act.



Federal Healthcare Fraud Crimes


Federal healthcare fraud most frequently involves allegations of fraudulent billing for services submitted through Medicare. However, there are many other forms of fraud involving healthcare that can wind up under investigation by the government. Because of the massive amount of financial gain at stake in fraudulent healthcare schemes, there is a strong incentive for the government to prosecute these alleged crimes vigorously. The financial penalties and prison time at stake upon conviction of these federal charges also necessitate an aggressive criminal defense strategy. Even without serving prison time, a conviction for healthcare fraud can mean that a defendant is no longer able to earn a living in the healthcare field.



Federal Identity Theft Crimes


Federal identity theft crimes encompass the unauthorized use of personal or financial information obtained from another person or business for fraudulent gains. There has been a major public information and awareness campaign to combat identity theft federal offenses by the government. Defendants facing these federal charges make the mistake of thinking that this is not a relatively serious federal crime because physical harm does not typical result for any of the victims. This is a grave mistake because the potential punishments for identity theft crimes are harsh and can have life-changing consequences.



Federal Immigration Crimes


Federal immigration crimes are always serious, but they are particularly concerning given the nature of the public discussion of the immigration issues facing the U.S. and the tougher stance that the federal government has recently taken in response. These federal offenses involve the unauthorized entry into the U.S., the falsification of information on applications to lawfully enter the U.S., assisting anyone in entering the U.S. unlawfully, and remaining in the U.S. unlawfully. If you are accused of another federal crime and are not legally permitted to be in the U.S., it is important to inform your attorney immediately. Working with an experience attorney who understands how a defendant’s immigration status can affect other criminal charges against him is crucial in planning your most effective defense to federal charges.



Federal Insurance Fraud Crimes


Federal insurance fraud often involves fraudulent activity that could also be prosecuted under state laws. This offense at the federal level is typically prosecuted through the federal mail and wire fraud statutes because they address fraud activities that cross state lines or otherwise affect interstate commerce. Consumers can commit insurance fraud by lying to an insurance company in order to receive a benefit to which they are not otherwise entitled to receive.



Federal Juvenile Crimes


In the federal justice system, a person who is under 18 years of age is typically treated as a juvenile. The general principle is that a juvenile should be prosecuted under the applicable state laws and within the state court system where their crime was allegedly committed. However, if the juvenile is accused of a crime that is quite serious in nature, the federal prosecutor may attempt to treat the juvenile as an adult in the federal court system for that case. This is almost always a negative development in the case for the juvenile defendant and requires swift action in strategizing with an experienced federal criminal defense attorney to avoid being prosecuted as an adult if at all possible. This is because the prison terms and other penalties for a convicted adult are almost always more severe than those for a juvenile offender.



Federal Mail Fraud Crimes


The federal mail fraud statute is exceptionally broad and covers a wide range of federal crimes. It involves a scheme to deprive someone of property or value that is rightfully theirs through the use of the mail system. Because the U.S. Post Office is a federal institution, these offenses are federal in nature and allow the government to prosecute criminal schemes that may otherwise only be open to state level prosecution. Federal mail fraud prosecution is commonly used by the government to pursue evidence that may also lead to additional federal charges against the defendant.



Federal Mortgage & Bank Fraud Crimes


Federal mortgage fraud can be committed by any party involved in a real estate transaction involving the sale or purchase of a home. This crime can be investigated at the state or federal level and carries a range of consequences depending on the nature of the scheme and how much fraudulent profit was made. Bank fraud generally involves intentionally depriving a financial institution of property that is not rightfully yours. The difference between federal bank fraud and bank robbery charges is that bank fraud does not require the use of force or intimidation in order to deprive a bank of its rightful property.



Federal Tax Fraud Crimes


Federal tax fraud is a complex, serious crime that is prosecuted frequently and aggressively by the government because there are large amounts of money at stake. The government views prosecution of tax fraud as a necessary way to deter other citizens from withholding money that is actually owed to the government on their taxes or failing to pay their taxes altogether. The defense to federal tax fraud crimes are complicated because of the nature of the federal offense, and require a skilled, dedicated federal criminal defense attorney to explore. If you learn that you are under audit or investigation by the IRS for potential tax fraud, you should not delay in contacting a federal criminal defense attorney to guide and represent you through the investigation of the federal offense.



Federal White Collar Crimes


White collar crime refers to a broad range of criminal activities that all carry potential prison sentences and expensive fines. The typical white collar crime does not involve violence and is committed primarily for financial gain. Some of the most common types of white collar crimes prosecuted by the federal government include tax fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement and employee theft, mortgage and bank fraud, healthcare fraud, money laundering, and insurance fraud. Even though white collar crimes typically do not involve violence, they still carry serious potential penalties, including federal prison time. Any federal offense involving fraud or corruption almost always falls within the scope of white collar crimes. Federal prosecutors are known to strive to make an example out of white collar crime defendants, which is why having a skilled and knowledgeable federal criminal defense lawyer is crucial if you or a loved one are facing white collar crime charges at the federal level.



Federal Wire Fraud Crimes


The federal wire fraud statute is similar to the federal mail fraud statute. It requires that the defendant make use of a electronic communications to participate in a fraudulent scheme. This statute gives the government a lot of leeway in prosecuting criminal activity without actually having to prove that the underlying crime was committed. Defendants charged with federal wire fraud should take this charge very seriously because it could open them up to a broader criminal investigation in an effort to uncover additional evidence for tacking on more federal charges.



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