Health Care Fraud and Abuse: A Primer

The United States loses billions of dollars due to health care fraud and abuse each year. In fact, some estimate the cost to be close to $100 billion annually. Moreover, as national health care expenditures rise – currently into the $3 trillion range – health care fraud schemes appear to be growing in complexity and…

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What is Money Laundering?

We hear the phrase whenever we are watching a procedural drama on television, or watching a movie about the mob. This phrase immediately engenders images of nefarious characters transacting business in the organized crime underworld. Indeed, recent news indicates that the current occupant of the White House is possibly mired in a scheme involving this…

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Federal Fraud: The Law and Recent Cases that Affect Our Lives

Federal Fraud

The offense of federal fraud encompasses a wide number of economic, often white-collar, crimes. But in short, a “fraud” is simply a criminal lie. It is a lie that is used to obtain some personal gain. We may often think of white-collar economic crimes as those offenses that happen in boardrooms and beach resorts and…

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