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Federal Criminal Defense

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a federal crime, it is important to retain an experienced federal criminal defense attorney to manage the process and mount an effective defense. Contact us today for a free attorney consultation.

Federal Sentencing Advocacy

Federal criminal sentencing is unlike sentencing in state court. Our team of experienced attorneys are intimately familiar with the federal sentencing guidelines and federal sentencing procedures. Let us help you fight for the lowest possible sentence.

Federal Criminal Appeals

Whether you are looking for an attorney to handle your direct appeal or a 2255 motion, our team of experienced federal criminal defense attorneys can help. We can evaluate your case, identify issues at the trial level, and present a workable appellate solution. Our lead attorney Brandon Sample has even written a best selling book on habeas corpus petitions. Contact us today for a free attorney consultation.

Clemency: Pardons & Commutations

If you are interested in seeking a pardon or a sentence commutation, we can help. Our office will research, draft, and file your clemency petition on your behalf. Allow us to give you the best possible chance at success.

Compassionate Release

Compassionate release allows elderly, severely disabled, and very sick inmates to be released from custody. If you have an incarcerated loved one who is elderly, disabled, or sick, we can help. We can help give your loved one the best possible chance at coming home.

Federal Crimes

Federal Arson Crimes

Federal Bank Robbery

Federal CCE & RICO

Federal Child Pornography

Federal Cyber Crimes

Federal Drug Conspiracy

Federal Drug Crimes

Federal Embezzlement & Employee Theft

Federal Firearm Crimes

Federal Fraud Conspiracy

Federal Healthcare Fraud

Federal Identity Theft

Federal Immigration Crimes

Federal Insurance Fraud

Federal Juvenile Crimes

Federal Mail Fraud

Federal Mortgage & Bank Fraud

Federal Tax Fraud

Federal White Collar Crime

Federal Wire Fraud

Free Attorney Consultation

Contact us today for a free attorney consultation. Our team of experienced and dedicated attorneys is ready to assist you with your legal needs.

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